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Project Description

This publication was made on the occasion of an exhibition IDEAAL of Johan De Wilde and Rik De Boe at Loods 12, Wetteren.

When it came to the customary duo exhibition at Loods 12, Vincent de Roder came up with the idea of giving Rik De Boe and Johan De Wilde carte blanche.
The artists decided to interrelate two solo exhibitions under a slightly ironic title and chose the year in which they were born, 1964, as the point de reference for the accompanying publication bearing the same title: IDEAAL.

This book is a compilation of associations with each other’s recent work and with numerous concepts like origin, reversal, disappearance, relativity, synchronism and chance, all with 1964 in mind. Attached by way of a poster is the reaction of friend and former teacher Wouter Coolens.
It is as if the artists were swept by the stream of information that began to gather momentum in the last century and slipped into the world, and are therefore unstoppable as they graft their work onto increasing quantities of all sorts of things.
Johan De Wilde and Rik De Boe assume that both exhibition and publication will clarify what they are all about.

Layout: Johan De Wilde en Rik De Boe
Print: New Goff – Graphius, Gent, 2014
IDEAAL published on 100 numbered and signed copies.
64 pages, illustrations in colour, 17 X 25,5cm, poster insert

> poster Wouter Coolens