Voorkamer was an artist’s initiative concept that was launched by Peter Morrens and Rik De Boe in October 1996 at Lier.
Voorkamer featured a range of solo performances of visual artists from Belgium and abroad, on a yearly basis at the historical Holy Ghost site.

Voorkamer provided an insight into the heterogeneity of today’s visual art and encouraged an active dialog between the artist, the public and themselves.
Voorkamer’s objective was to help artists carry out such an experiment without any commercial pressure and thereby provided them with the opportunity to hold an exhibition and carry through projects that might otherwise prove difficult in other venues.

Group exhibitions/projects were moreover organized in various venues as well as teamwork projects with other initiative concepts.
For these specific “extra muros” projects, different exhibition modules have been sought such as venues of architectural, historical and/or social interest.

The creation and production of a (limited) series of low-priced multiples was an important part of the program of Voorkamer.